Resolve Stability Problems and SPEED UP ColdFusion 10

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You may want to change some of the default settings if you are running IIS and ColdFusion 10.  There is a good chance that you will see significant stability and performance improvements.


Fix for SLOW IIS after upgrading from ColdFusion 8/9 to 10

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If you are experiencing an incredibly slow ColdFusion 10 installation after upgrading, you might want to check IIS for script/handler mappings that still exist from the previous CF version.


Upgrading to ColdFusion 10 Presentation/Notes

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I did a live presentation in which I upgraded a production ColdFusion 9 server to ColdFusion 10.  Here are my notes if anyone is interested.


ColdFusion 10 Instances and Web Server Connector

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There was a change to the way you connect ColdFusion instances to IIS websites in ColdFusion 10.


Using ColdFusion with SVNkit and Subversion 1.7

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We recently had to update our post-commit hook functionality to be compatible with subversion 1.7 working copies.  There are more JAR file dependencies with 1.7, so here are some tips.


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